Senior Living & Multi-Family Housing

Senior Living/Multi-Family Housing

Senior living facilities and multi-family residences are focused on occupant comfort. We develop HVAC systems for consistent and reliable temperature control, reduced humidity and noise, and controls that are simple to operate. For senior living facilities, our HVAC systems also are compactly designed to increase the facility’s valuable interior space.

We advocate for sustainability and energy efficiency, since 50 percent of the HVAC life-cycle cost is devoted to energy usage. We put a sharp pencil to construction budgets and think far ahead to ensure optimal energy efficiency and long-term performance.

Some of the Projects Challenges We've Met:

  • Reduced the tonnage capacity and HVAC costs for a Midwest senior living facility by more than 25 percent through value engineering, meeting the owner’s requirements and bringing the project within budget and buildable. Also provided a Building Automation System with full monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.
  • Installed high-efficiency HVAC systems at three The Sheridan Assisted Living facilities, reducing first cost, improving humidity control and sound levels, increasing usable interior space and reducing long-term maintenance costs. The new systems will save the owner $25,000 a year in energy costs as compared to the original design.
  • Despite a small plenum, installed an energy efficient Variable Air Volume (VAV) system for the 99,000 sf Cedarhurst Senior Living building. The project included packaged terminal air conditioning units and a building automation system.