Why Wiegmann

“Meeting schedule and budget is pretty much what it’s all about, and Wiegmann has done that for me.”
Chris Wilson, Director of Business Development – ARCO Construction

A Commitment to Excellence, for Your Unique Project

No one has ever built a project quite like yours. The size of the building. The materials. The heating and cooling demands. Even the orientation to the sun. Every aspect is unique.

So we begin with outside-the-box ideas. That’s not something we strive for. It’s what we do. Innovation is built into our DNA, our expertise, and the way we think.

From initial HVAC design to systems installation and service, we are never bound by conventional problem solving. We consider the options. Value engineer the solutions. Present a plan that will save money now, save more in the future.

We know this is a different path, one that few competitors take. We like the differences, and we believe you will too. In fact, we built Wiegmann from the ground up to meet and exceed your expectations.

More than a dozen mechanical engineers on staff, from designers to management. Design/Build expertise. National project capacity. Able to tackle the largest, most complex projects. A corporate culture that combines solid experience with cutting edge technology. Two-way mentoring. Collective brainpower and teamwork.

And a commitment to excellence, for your unique project.