Mainstreet Health & Wellness Suites: Webster, TX


Client: Mainstreet Property Group
New Construction Senior Living Facility
General Contractor:
Meyer Najem Construction
Architect: Lawrence Group
Floor Area:
49,720 sf
Construction Schedule:
Completed July 2018


HVAC Mechanical Contractor
Value Engineering Consultant


Value Engineering


Wiegmann constructed a new high-performance, energy-efficient and cost-effective HVAC system for the new Mainstreet Health & Wellness Suites in Webster, Texas. The system includes individual zone control for each resident’s room for maximum control and comfort.


Since skilled nursing facilities require a large amount of air changes, the primary project challenge was achieving these air changes while still maintaining acceptable humidity levels in the building.  This was especially challenging given the warm & humid, south Texas climate.

The original design called for packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) units for each individual room, which we identified as problematic for humidity regulation. Our value engineered HVAC solution featured a Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) to properly treat outside air and deliver it to the spaces at a neutral temperature and low humidity.  This solution increases occupant comfort and avoids possible mold issues caused by excess humidity.