Saving Energy From the Top Down

HVAC systems are typically a building’s largest energy user. HVAC first-costs account for just 43% of the life-cycle expense. Maintenance and repair add another 7%, leaving a full 50% of life cycle costs to energy usage.

Wiegmann engineers understand how to design an HVAC system that saves money now, and saves more over the life of your building.

Whether we design your HVAC system or value engineer an existing design, our focus is on simplicity and proven reliability.

“We were awarded the $35 million contract for a state correctional facility in Pennsylvania despite not coming in the lowest bidder because energy analysis demonstrated that our design would save more than $1 million over the difference in the bids over the 20 year life span of the system,” said Gerry Wiegmann.  “It is good business to be in the energy business.”

Energy Projects

A Multi-Tiered Approach

Right-sizing systems not only saves money up front but also generates long- term energy savings and improved environmental conditions. We streamline ductwork and piping systems and select equipment that is sized for the actual load. We build safety factors into our designs where it counts and does not impact system performance. This often results in the need for less equipment, which means reduced electrical and structural work and a lower overall construction budget.

We are also experts in Building Automation Systems, which provide a detailed view of how HVAC systems really operate and insight into how to properly apply systems on future projects.

Saving energy is our promise, and we deliver. In addition to saving upfront costs, our energy saving techniques generate annual savings that many times lead to a simple pay back of the initial project costs in three to five years. These savings continue for the life of the building.

Energy Incentive Programs

Wiegmann is a member of the Ameren Missouri BizSavers Trade Ally Network, which offers cash incentives for virtually any cost-effective energy efficiency project. Whether a small business or large institutional or industrial electric customer, your organization may qualify for cash back on improvements to lighting, building controls, ventilation, cooling systems and more.  LEARN MORE

Energy Successes

SCI Phoenix: State Correctional Facility

  • WAI design achieved 45% better than ASHRAE 2009
  •  >$1,000,000 per year in energy savings based on ASHRAE 90.1-2007 baseline building
  • $1,119,000 PECO Rebate

St. Louis Government Archives and Records Storage Facility

  • >$340,000 per year in savings compared to EOR’s original design
  • $500,000 Ameren UE Rebate

Anheuser-Busch: Can Plants, Lid Plants, Breweries, Offices

  • $10M energy savings per year, more than $120M in 12 years
  • 3-year or less simple payback

Energy rebates can offset a major portion of equipment upgrade costs. We take the lead to identify available rebates and guide our clients through the rebate process.

$72,092 Federal Tax Deduction (EPAct) – Golden Eagle Distributing $180,386 Federal Tax Deduction (EPAct) – Crescent Crown
$450,000 NYSERDA Rebate (qualified) – Metal Container Corp.
$27,582 Custom Incentive – St. Louis Bank
$174,636 Federal Tax Deduction (EPAct) – Cone Distributing
$226,456 Federal Tax Deduction (EPAct) – United Supermarkets
$500,000 Energy Utility Rebate – St. Louis Government Facility
$1,119,000 Energy Utility Rebate (pending) – Institutional Facility Mid-Atlantic Region