Value Engineering

VE Project Spotlight

SCI Phoenix: State Correctional Facility

  • Bid based on 60% drawings – $36 million
  • Wiegmann became EOR and VE’d – $31 million

NARA St. Louis: Archives and Records Storage Facility

  • Bid based on 100% drawings – $16 million
  • Wiegmann worked with EOR and VE’d – $12 million
Ripple Effect: VE Designs Cut Costs
  • Ductwork: 30%-50% less
  • Pipe: 10%-30% less
  • Equipment: 20%-50% less
  • Reduced electrical/structural impacts
*Compared to average plan/spec projects    

Value Engineering: A Win-Win Team Approach

Pure and simple, Value Engineering is about reducing costs through streamlined, reliable designs. A win-win for building owners – and the entire team – the Wiegmann VE approach reduces construction costs now, generates energy and maintenance savings over the building’s entire life cycle.

Why Wiegmann VE?

Experts in innovation, our sophisticated HVAC design group features at least three times as many professional engineers than most of our competitors.

We replace elements that waste energy, or add expense without adding value, with solutions that maintain or enhance design function.

The Ripple Effect.
Efficiently designed HVAC systems require less equipment, ductwork and piping, which in turn requires less structural support and electrical systems, expanding cost savings.

Reduce First Costs.
Our buyer relationships with national manufacturers save 10-20% or more on HVAC equipment, which we pass along to the project.

We use AutoCAD, Revit and other technologies to create 3-D models of HVAC systems. Our team can participate in, or lead, the BIM process for any project.

Team Approach 
Wiegmann collaborates with the entire project team to meet our mutual goal – providing clients with quality, cost effective and energy-efficient systems.

Whether we Value Engineer or Design/Build the project, our involvement early-on leads to the greatest cost savings.

“Wiegmann is super-creative and innovative. They can value engineer an entire system that saves the owner money and is much more efficient. That’s a skill not everyone possesses.”
Nathan Addison – Catamount Constructors, Inc.