Elekta Product Supply & Support Center: St. Charles, MO


Client: Cullinan Properties, Ltd.
Project: Tenant Build-Out
Floor Area: 40,000 sf
General Contractor: Kadean Construction
Architect: domash DESIGNSOURCE
Construction Schedule: Completed Spring 2019




HVAC Mechanical Contractor


Wiegmann Associates completed the tenant build-out HVAC project for Sweden-based Elekta’s new, 40,000-square-foot product supply and support center located on two floors at the Streets of St Charles. Wiegmann previously was the mechanical contactor and value engineer for the shell construction of the multi-use building. 

The client’s primary goal for the design/build project was to develop a zoning scheme that meets Elekta’s needs and provides optimal occupant comfort and individual zone control while being cost-effective. Wiegmann added new variable air volume (VAV) boxes and fan terminal units (FTU) to the main Rooftop VAV system to serve the main office areas. To save costs, they used some of the existing VAVs and FTUs that the Wiegmann team installed during the shell project.  All equipment was tied into the existing Delta Building Automation system that Wiegmann previously designed. A total of 31 zones were incorporated into the buildout. 


A primary project challenge was developing a cooling system for the computer room, validation lab, IT room and systems lab that was separate from the main house HVAC system. Since these rooms have equipment that generates heat year-round, using the main building’s Rooftop VAV system to cool these rooms would be very inefficient and would shorten the lifespan of the rooftop units. To serve these spaces, Wiegmann designed and installed dedicated DX split systems, equipped with the capability to provide cooling even when outdoor temperatures are very cold.