Straub Distributing Co: Anaheim, CA


Client: Straub Distributing Co., Ltd
Project: HVAC for New Conditioned Warehouse
General Contractor: ARCO National Construction Company, Inc.
Floor Area: 278,540 sf
Construction Schedule: Six months




Engineer of Record
Mechanical & Controls Construction Manager


With more than 330 employees, Straub Distributing in Anaheim, CA is one of the largest Anheuser-Busch distributors in the United States.

Beer distribution facilities have unique load requirements and precise temperature requirements. Distributors are required to monitor and report all temperatures in warehouse and draught cooler spaces. If they are out of tolerance, they must report it.

Wiegmann was challenged to engineer an energy efficient system that reliably maintains the specified temperature dictated by product suppliers. Our design solution featured packaged rooftop equipment for the 60F controlled environment warehouse (CEW) and Freon refrigeration systems to serve the 34F draught cooler. Packaged rooftop equipment significantly improves operational efficiency, reducing the energy consumption required to condition the space. These systems have a proven track record for maintaining the CEW temperatures precisely at 60F and we have successfully applied this approach to facilities across the nation.

The result is energy savings for the owner, and improved environmental conditions from filtered air and steady, uniform temperature control. This, coupled with floating head control and variable frequency drives on the draught cooler refrigeration systems, helped the facility comply with California’s stringent energy guidelines.