RMC Distributing Company: Colorado Springs, CO


Client: RMC Distributing Company
Project: HVAC Retrofit and Expansion
General Contractor: ARCO Beverage Group
Floor Area: 148,000 sf
Construction Schedule: December 2016




Engineer of Record, HVAC & Controls Contractor


Wiegmann Associates’ design/build HVAC project for RMC’s 148,000-square-foot refrigerated beer warehouse in Colorado Springs includes a complete HVAC retrofit and office expansion.

Wiegmann is engineering an HVAC solution for the dry and refrigerated warehouses, adding new equipment while retaining components of the existing equipment. The project also includes two new split refrigeration systems in the draught cooler.

The addition of 16,800 square feet of new construction will triple the facility’s office area, which when completed will be 28,000 square feet. A direct digital control system (DDC) will enhance climate control. The owner will have the ability to monitor and adjust HVAC settings remotely from a single computer program.


The primary project challenge is to engineer an energy efficient HVAC system that reliably maintains the specified temperatures dictated by product suppliers. Beer distributors are required to monitor and report all temperatures in warehouse and draught cooler spaces. Wiegmann performed heating and cooling load calculations to ensure that all equipment is sized properly and meets code requirements.