Mullally Distributing Co, Inc: Cuba, MO


Client: Mullally Distributing Co. Inc.
Project: Conditioned Warehouse HVAC Upgrade
General Contractor: ARCO National Construction Company, Inc.
Floor Area: 16,000 sf
Construction Schedule: Four months




Engineer of Record
Installing HVAC Contractor


When upgrading Mullally Distributing’s controlled environment warehouse (CEW), Wiegmann designed a solution using packaged rooftop systems to maintain a 60F environment. We have applied packaged rooftop equipment to dozens of facilities across the country. This approach generates significant energy savings for the distributors because packaged HVAC equipment is designed to run at higher temperatures. The traditional Freon split refrigeration systems, on the other hand, are cataloged to run to space temperatures of approximately 50F without special modifications to the equipment.

This particular project required two packaged rooftop units. One is just for cooling. The other includes a heat pump for providing heat to the CEW during the cold winter months. Both packaged rooftop units run in cooling mode during the summer months to cool the space to 60F.

To further streamline the design and generate additional energy savings, the heat pump rooftop unit serving the CEW also provides heat to the adjacent drive-through truck loading space. Since there are just two HVAC units to power and support, this solution minimized installation first costs while reducing energy consumption.


Furnished and installed:

  • Warehouse – Cool to 60F, Heat to 45F
  • Drive-through Space – Emergency ventilation, CO/NO2 detection and alarming, heated with heat pump RTUs