Cone Distributing, Inc: Ocala, FL


Client: Cone Distributing, Inc.
Project: Conditioned Warehouse, New Construction
General Contractor: ARCO National Construction Company, Inc.
Floor Area: 168,000 sf
Construction Schedule: 12 months




Engineer of Record
Mechanical Construction Manager


$175,000 Federal Tax Rebate (EPAct)


Founded in 1985, Cone Distributing is a beer and ale distributor located in Ocala, FL. Their new distribution facility was completed in 2015 and provides improved efficiencies in product storage and building systems.

Beer distribution facilities have unique cooling load requirements. When product is brought into the facility it typically is 10-15F degrees warmer than the required storage temperature. This creates a temporary increase in the HVAC cooling loads as the HVAC systems must be able to quickly cool the product to the required storage temperature within 24 hours of its arrival. Therefore, special consideration must be given to the selection of HVAC equipment and associated control systems. The greatest challenge is achieving these precise temperature requirements in an energy efficient manner.

Our solution for Cone Distributing featured high-efficiency rooftop units with variable speed drives on the supply fans. This equipment allows for energy savings at part load while still being able to cool the product under peak cooling load conditions. A Variable Volume and Temperature (VVT) system installed in the office spaces drives energy consumption down and occupant comfort up. VVT systems are ideal in warm weather climates.

We also designed, furnished and installed a Delta Controls Building Automation System for optimal performance. The system includes a customized graphical interface designed to be user friendly for the building owner.