Boomerang Tube: Liberty, TX


Client: Boomerang Tube, LLC
Project: Shell HVAC, Process Utilities
General Contractor: Brinkmann Constructors (Shell HVAC project)




Engineer of Record
Prime Mechanical Contractor


Boomerang Tube, LLC manufactures pipe for the petroleum industry. This HVAC Shell project involved a complete gut and renovation of an existing building for the construction of a new pipe manufacturing plant. Wiegmann Associates engineered and installed all HVAC for the process area of the plant as well as all heating and air conditioning for various power rooms, break rooms, offices, laboratory spaces, locker rooms and cafeterias throughout the expansive facility. For the subsequent Process Utility Project, Wiegmann Associates was again the engineer and prime mechanical contractor.

Wiegmann designed, engineered, procured and installed:

  • 800 HP compressed air plant including all piping and compressed air distribution systems throughout the plant
  • 86 natural gas infrared heaters throughout the plant and all natural gas piping and distribution
  • 3,800-ton process cooling plant and process cooling systems including all piping and distribution throughout the facility
  • Cold and warm soluble process systems, including 6,000 GPM vertical turbine pumps and distribution piping
  • All temperature controls and/or automation

Advanced coordination between the facility’s systems and other utilities throughout the plant was required for this complex, large renovation project.