24-Story Student Apartment Complex


Project: High-rise student apartment complex
Floor Area: 484,000 sf
Construction Schedule:
Fall 2023


HVAC Mechanical Contractor
Engineer of Record (EOR)




Wiegmann has designed an energy-efficient HVAC system to serve the 24-story student housing complex. Wiegmann’s design solution and equipment selection focuses on delivering a reliable HVAC system that satisfies required occupant comfort with low upfront costs.

The local municipality’s commitment to carbon and water reduction required Wiegmann to provide a supremely energy-efficient system with equipment efficiencies above and beyond what is required by national codes.

Wiegmann was challenged to innovate in order to meet stringent local energy requirements, specifically a code requiring condensate to be recovered for some purposeful use. The engineering team incorporated a hybrid solution where all of the roof-mounted equipment is collecting condensate to be used for cooling tower makeup water. The condensate collected from water source heat pump units serving the individual apartments will be used for landscape irrigation.

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