ST LOUIS, MO – Wiegmann Associates has completed HVAC work for two cannabis cultivation facilities in St. Louis, MO. As the Engineer of Record and mechanical contractor for the design/build project, Wiegmann designed and installed a system that adheres to the facilities’ strict temperature and humidity requirements.

Wiegmann designed, furnished and installed the HVAC equipment for both facilities including office areas, grow rooms and manufacturing areas. The office and manufacturing areas are served by DX rooftop units while the grow rooms are served by high efficient rooftop units with dehumidification capabilities. Wiegmann also installed CO2 piping for the grow room CO2 enrichment and manufacturing needs as well as a compressed air piping system.

A primary project challenge was maximizing the amount of racking and vertical grow height in the grow rooms within the restrictive space limitations. Because these rooms require a large amount of cooling to offset the heat produced by the intense grow lighting, Wiegmann’s engineers had to effectively design the grow room systems to provide the owner with the most amount of grow space possible.