Summer heat can be brutal on indoor air temps, HVAC equipment and next month’s energy bill. Several critical preventative maintenance steps will help you control energy costs and avoid costly repairs during the dog days of summer.

“Rooftop units and pad-mounted compressors are exposed to a lot of dirt and debris, so first make sure the coils are clean,” Wiegmann Associates service tech Rex Hutchinson told ACHR News. Units that are cleaned and maintained annually run less often and less hard, which protects the equipment investment, lowers energy consumption and keeps occupants comfortable.

Here are additional facility maintenance tips for keeping your cool in the summer:

  • Check the HVAC system’s electrical connections, mechanical parts and refrigeration circuit
  • Make sure ducts and fans are clean, for optimum airflow
  • Replace filters two or three times a year
  • Clean clogged evaporator coils and algae buildup in drain lines
  • Check the reliability of thermostats, consider programmable controls
  • Manage solar heat gain through indoor and outdoor shading systems
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with LED lights
  • Consider an energy-efficient upgrade if your HVAC system is nearing the end of its useful life
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